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You can customize SMTP Settings to select the sender identity for customer email notifications.

How to Set Up SMTP Settings

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and click SMTP Settings.
  2. The default method is the Dropsuite identity. To change the setting, click the dropdown under Select Method, choose Custom (Manual) or Custom (Microsoft), and enter the requested details.
    1. Example: If you want the Sender Email ID to be "Do not reply <>," then please update "Do not reply" under the field "From Name" & update "" under the field "Email".
  3. Once completed, you can use the Send Test Email option to test the notifications.

SMTP Status

There are 3 SMTP statuses:

  1. Unverified
    1. Some possible reasons for an unverified status include not setting up test emails or changing the SMTP method.
  2. Active
    1. This means that the SMTP send test email is successful. The active status applies to both manual and automated SMTP send test emails. You can identify it through the SMTP auto-test under the status, whether it is filled or not.
  3. Error
    1. Some possible reasons for error status include incorrect SMTP setup or server issues.

How to Activate SMTP Auto Test

  1. Click Edit next to SMTP Auto Test.
  2. Check the Provide email to ensure functionality of SMTP checkbox, input the email destination, select periodicity, then click Save.
  3. You will see a green banner success message and the active status if successful.
  4. Open your email inbox, and you will find the SMTP test email at the times corresponding to the selected period.

Please note:

  1. If you change the SMTP method after successfully activating the SMTP Auto Test, the status will be reset to Unverified, but the SMTP auto-send will follow the previous value.
  2. You can stop the SMTP auto-send by clicking the Edit button next to SMTP Auto Test and unchecking the Provide email to ensure the functionality of SMTP checkbox, then click Save.


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