How To Add QuickBooks Online Backup

Mike Langford
Mike Langford
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To start adding QuickBooks Online backup, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click the + Add Backup button from your dashboard page. 
  2. The system will show an Add Backup QuickBooks page; then click the Connect to QuickBooks button.  
  3. The system will redirect you to the QuickBooks authentication flow— login with either the Primary Admin or Company Admin for the account that you are looking to back-up.  
  4. Select the company you wish to backup, then click the Next button.
    1. Please note that this step only applies if more than one company can access the entered credentials 
  5. Click the Connect button as part of the agreement statement.  
  6. The system will redirect you back to the portal by showing the confirmation page with the summary of the company name, backup frequency, and backup objects. Don’t forget to finish the process by clicking the Start Backup button.  
  2. Once successful, the system will show a green banner on the top of the Dashboard page, then the company will be listed under the main list. You can monitor the backup progress by the percentage shown by the system. The first backup may take a longer time, depending on the size and number of companies. 

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