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Replication is the process of copying data (in this case, QBO’s backed-up company) from the source into a destination at a point in time. The benefit of replication is allowing users to have duplicate data on Intuit’s side with their backed-up data in the portal. Currently, QBO replication is only available at a company level. 



The prerequisites listed below must be completed before starting the replication. 

Create a blank company

  1. If you create a blank QBO company in the production environment, you only need to follow step 1. Otherwise, to create a blank QBO company in the sandbox environment, you need to follow all steps from (1) to (5), then continue to finish all setups.
  2. Log in to Intuit QBO using the email address that is your replication destination. 
  3. Go to Manage Sandbox Company page by accessing this URL: https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/sandbox 
  4. Click + Add a sandbox company button. 
  5. Once a new company is created, click the Select action button, then Delete all data
  6. Click the Yes button on the confirmation pop-up. 

Item categories setup

  1. Activate the item categories by accessing this URL: https://app.qbo.intuit.com/app/companyselection?locale=en-us 
  2. Scroll down on the page, then click the Switch now button. 

Tax Setup 

1. Click the Taxes menu, then click the Use Automatic Sales Tax button. 

2. Input your business address, then click the Next button. 

3. Select No, then click the Next button. 


Account and Settings

Click the Gear icon on the top right, then click the Account and Settings button. 


Account and Settings - Company 

On the company tab, ensure the company name shown is the same as the company name when it was created. 


Account and Settings - Sales

On the sales tab, turn on Shipping, then click the Save button. 


Account and Settings - Advanced

  1. On the advanced tab, turn on Track classes, Track locations, select Department, then click the Save button. 
  2. Next, turn on Multicurrency, check the confirmation box, then click the Save button. 
  3. Finally, turn off the duplicate check number, then click the Save button. 

Replicate QBO Company

Once a blank company is successfully set up, you can use the replicate feature by following these instructions: 

  1. Go to the dashboard page. 
  2. Select the QBO company you want to replicate, hover over it with the mouse, then click the Replicate button. 
  3. Complete the replication form (it consists of a specific date and time, environment, destination, and two confirmation checkboxes), then click the Next button. 
  4. Enter notes, then click the Replicate button on the confirmation pop-up. 
  5. Enter “I UNDERSTAND” in the box, then click the Replicate button to finish the process. 
  6. To monitor the replication progress, navigate to the System Status page. The results will be listed under the Replicate tab. You will be notified by email whether replication is finished, partially completed, paused, or failed.

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