QBO Deactivation and Reactivation

Mike Langford
Mike Langford
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Choosing to deactivate a QBO company will result in the backup process for that company stopping and will deactivate the authorization of the backup application. 

 How To Deactivate a QBO Company

  1. Go to the Dashboard page. 
  2. Hover over the company, click the More button, then Deactivate
  3. The system shows a confirmation pop-up. Please input the reason for deactivation, then click the Yes, Continue button. 
  4. Once this is successful, the status will be “Deactivated” and color-coded yellow. 

QBO Reactivation 

To reactivate the backup of a QBO file, you must reauthenticate with the QBO application. By reactivating the QBO company, the regular backup will return to running normally. 


How To Reactivate a QBO Company

  1. Go to the Dashboard page. 
  2. Select a deactivated company, click the More button, then Info Details
  3. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button. 
  4. The system redirects to the QuickBooks Login page. Please input your credentials. 
  5. Select the deactivated company you want to reactivate, then click the Next button. 
  6. Click the Connect button while the system is on the confirmation form. 
  7. Once it is successful, the system will show a green banner on the top of the Dashboard page, and the status will be changed.

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