How do I Backup Private Chat?

Mike Langford
Mike Langford
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Private Chat Backup uses Microsoft API, which incurs additional charges. Therefore, the Customer Tenant Application (CTA) has to be registered in Microsoft Azure Portal and linked with Dropsuite. The detailed explanation is available in the Private Chat Setup Guide in the portal. The Archiver plan is required to initiate Private Chat Backup. Once it is enabled at the organization level from the Partner Portal, please access the End-User Portal to follow the below steps:

  1. On the End-User Portal Dashboard, select the Private Chat tab
  2. Click the Reauthenticate button
  3. After verifying the credential, click Download Here to refer to the Private Chat Setup Guide
  4. Update the Application ID & its Secret Code. Choose any email account to Test & Save the backup process connection. 
  5. Finally, click Activate for the required accounts

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