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How To Unsubscribe, Suspend, or Delete an Organization

  1. Click the Organizations tab.
  2. Click on the organization or click the kebab menu (three vertical dots) and click View Details.
  3. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  4. Click the Suspend, Unsubscribe, or Delete button.
  5. Click the Yes, continue button on the popup confirmation.

Different Subscription States

State Ability to login Backup and billing
Suspend Organization No The backup and billing will continue for the organization. However, the users won’t be able to access their backups.
Unsubscribed Organization No

Backups are cancelled, and the backed-up data is marked for deletion after 45 days, and billing is stopped.


You can use the Reactivate button to reactivate the organization and resume the backup process within that 45-day window.

Deleted Organization No The entire organization is deleted, all backed-up data is purged and cannot be recovered, and billing is stopped.

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