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Michael Tawil
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When a valid email license is assigned to an account in the source tenant, backup runs regularly. When that license is not assigned to an account in the source, it is marked as “Inactive” in the Dropsuite system as it has detected the user has no valid license in the mail provider.  

If a user manually deactivates a mailbox from backup, the tooltip displays that it was manually deactivated. The system automatically deactivates a mailbox backup when it is deleted from the mail server, and the mailbox is removed from the AD Group registered in Dropsuite. 


When there is a backup error for a mailbox, the End-User Dashboard displays it. The backup status can also be checked from the System Status Tab (End-User Portal) and Support Tab (Partner Portal). Our system automatically retries during backup errors, and the backup process doesn’t stop. The backup process stops only when a mailbox is in a deactivated / inactive state. Please contact us at if you need help investigating any backup errors. 


Mailbox Status Colours 

  • Orange represents an Inactive Mailbox that was deactivated
  • Gray represents an Inactive Mailbox with no data (empty) on the M365 end
    • Such Inactive Mailboxes do not use a license

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