Backup Frequency

Michael Tawil
Michael Tawil
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The system automatically schedules subsequent Backups as per the “Last Backup (Completed Time).” Example: If a SharePoint Site Backup is completed at 8 AM, the next subsequent Backup is automatically scheduled for 4 PM.

Backup Only Product Archiver Product
Emails 12x day Realtime (Through Journaling)
Contacts 1x day
Calendars 1x day
Tasks 1x day
OneDrive / Google Drive 1x day
SharePoint / Shared Drive 3x day
Groups & Teams 3x day
Private Chat N/A 1x day


The registered AD Group’s Members are validated every 12 hours (Schedule Time - 2AM and 2PM UTC Daily). The specific time is configured across all Regions. Therefore, all Organizations will follow the same scheduled time. It is not customizable for Organization wise.

With a Shared Drive backup, if the scan shows that the drive is empty then it will not check again for 1 week. If new items are found, it will then proceed with a normal schedule from there.

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