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Michael Tawil
Michael Tawil
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How does Dropsuite Archive work exactly?

When a Mailbox is added to the Archive, we will back up the existing emails directly connecting to the mailbox. Then, we will create a journal rule for your tenant and assign the mailboxes to be Archived. It will send a copy of each incoming and outgoing message to an external journal mailbox. Then Dropsuite will get the messages from the external journal mailbox.

Once an Archiver organization is authenticated in Dropsuite, our system creates a journal rule and distribution group mailbox. All mailboxes you add to the backup are added as distribution group members. Therefore, all incoming and outgoing emails get copied to our journal server. Later, our system filters those emails and displays them for the corresponding account.  

What method does Dropsuite use to archive?

Dropsuite will use a remote PowerShell connection to set up journaling. We will create a journal rule and distribution group and add mailboxes to be Archived as members of that distribution group. Hence, a copy of incoming and outgoing messages will be sent to the configured external journal mailbox, and Dropsuite will fetch the messages from there. We use the Microsoft envelope journaling technique to archive emails.


Once mailboxes are added to the Archiver plan, our system backs up all emails present during the initial backup, and we create a journal rule assigned to those mailboxes. Therefore, our journal server gets a copy of all incoming and outgoing email messages. Our system filters those email messages to each individual mailbox at regular intervals. In short, backup through journaling is real-time, i.e., emails will get backed up in the journal server immediately.


What mailbox does it Journal to? Who hosts the mailbox?

It will be journaled to a dedicated external journal mailbox, which will be created per Archiver organization. These Mailboxes are hosted in postfix servers, which Dropsuite manages. Mailbox messages get copied to our journal server.

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