Is it possible to ingest email messages from old archives?

Michael Tawil
Michael Tawil
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Email data can be ingested to Dropsuite if you have the old archives in EML or PST format. Follow the steps below for email message ingestion. Please share the organization details with Dropsuite Support for FTP Access. 

  1. The required messages must be uploaded to the FTP Server in EML or PST message format (EML is preferred). Notify once email messages are uploaded. 
  2. The name of the files must be the same as the mailbox name. This helps ingest the messages to the corresponding mailbox. Alternatively, you can also share a mapping list with the file name and the email address of the corresponding mailbox.
  3. Use the FTP Access details given below. 


During ingestion, we can ingest all messages only to the folders (inbox or sent items). We are unable to ingest messages to other folders.  



  • Email contains "" under "FROM" field - Messages are ingested under "Sent Items" Folder of ""
  • Email contains "" under fields (TO/CC/BCC) - Messages are ingested under "Inbox" Folder of ""
  • Email doesn't contain "" under fields (FROM / TO/CC/BCC)-> Messages are ingested under "Inbox" Folder of "" 

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