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You will find a welcome popup when you log in to the NPP for the first time. Please click the Get Started button to continue exploring the portal.

The dashboard page is the first page you will see in the partner portal. Here are the components of the Dashboard page:

1.    Dashboard menu (Left side of the page)

It will bring you back to the Dashboard page.

2.    In-app notification (Upper right corner of the page)

It shows general information, warning, danger, or success information. Dropsuite’s internal team publishes it. The system syncs it every 3 hours.

3.    Change language (Right next to the notifications icon)

It allows you to change the default English into four other languages: Portuguese, Japanese, Deutsch, and French.  

4.    User-logged info (To the right of the Language option)

It will show the name and email address of the current user who is logged in. You will find user-logged info on every page of the new partner portal. 

5.    Period filter (top of screen)

The period filter allows you to look at Organizations and Accounts summary information based on the option selected. “This month” is a default value, which means the system shows data from the 1st day of the month to today. 

6.    Organizations

This tile shows a summary level of organization usage information for all the organizations that the partner currently manages.

7.    Organization details

It is a shortcut link to navigate the Organizations page, showing more detailed information. 

8.    Accounts

This tile shows a summary level of account usage information.

9.    Account details

It is a shortcut link to navigate to the Account page, showing more detailed information.

10.    Billing

This tile shows billing information that should be paid to Dropsuite.

11.    Term of Service (Bottom of page)

It is an agreement between Dropsuite as a service provider and partner users.

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