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The partner portal serves as a cornerstone of our partnership selling schema, offering partners access to information, resources, and support related to Dropsuite products. Upon successful login, partners are directed to the dashboard page, which we consistently enhance to optimize the partner experience through streamlined data visualization, reporting, analysis, and interface improvements.

You will find a welcome popup when you log in to the Partner Portal for the first time. Please click the Get Started button to continue exploring the portal.


Key Capabilities

  1. Our dashboard integrates billing, protection coverage, seat usage, organization, and account information on a single page, providing partners with a comprehensive overview.
  2. Partners have the capability to download reports in CSV format, empowering them with greater control over their data.


Getting Started

The dashboard page is the first page you will see in the partner portal. Here are the components of the Dashboard page:

1. Dashboard Menu

Navigate back to the Dashboard page.

2. In-App Notification

Displays general information, warnings, dangers, or success messages published by Dropsuite's internal team. The system syncs notifications every 3 hours.

3. Change Language

Switch the default language from English to Portuguese, Japanese, Deutsch, or French.

4. User-Logged Information

Shows the name and email address of the current logged-in user, available on every page of the new partner portal.

5. Period Filter

Allows filtering of Organizations and Accounts summary information based on selected options. Defaulted to "This Month," displaying data from the 1st day of the month to today.

6. Partner Reports:

    • Billing: Details the amount owed to Dropsuite.
    • Protection Coverage: Displays the number and percentage of backed-up accounts out of all accounts.
    • Seat Usage: Shows the percentage of paid seats utilized for backup.
    • Organizations: Tracks the status of active, suspended, and unsubscribed organizations. This section offers a shortcut link to access more detailed information on the Organizations page.
    • Accounts: Provides insights into active, deactivated, and total account numbers. The section includes Account details shortcut link to navigate to the Account page, showing more detailed information.

7. Term of Service

An agreement between Dropsuite as a service provider and partner users.



I couldn’t find a period filter next to the partner filter. Has it been removed?

No, it has not been removed. Instead, we've transitioned the period filter to a decentralized model, incorporating it within the Organizations and Accounts chart. This change allows partners to manipulate data points more seamlessly within their visualizations, enhancing the analytical experience.


Why is the period filter not included on the Protection Coverage and Seat Usage widgets?

The widgets show real-time data, updated based on scheduled cron jobs on the end-user portal. You can locate the latest updates in the last updated date sections.


What happens when I click the Report Details button?

You'll be redirected to another page offering comprehensive details:

  • Protection Coverage Report: Displays the percentage of backed-up accounts out of all accounts, aligning with our commitment to safeguarding organizational data. Currently, this data covers the M365 mailbox account only.

  • Seat Usage Report: Indicates the number of paid seats being utilized for backup, facilitating efficient seat management.

  • Organization Report: Provides insights into the number of active, suspended, and unsubscribed organizations.

  • Accounts Report: Offers details on the number of active, deactivated, and total accounts.


Are partners only allowed to view charts?

No, partners can also export CSV files for offline analysis or archival purposes. This feature is currently available for protection coverage and seat usage reports. Simply click the Export CSV button on the report details page to initiate the export.

What criteria determine the color variations displayed in the widget?

Protection coverage and seat usage widgets adhere to distinct guidelines for color presentation. Please refer to the table below for details.

Protection Coverage
Percentage Color Sample
Below 50 Bold red
50 to 80 Red
Above 80 Green


Seat Usage
Percentage Color Sample
Below 40 Red
40 to 80 Yellow
Above 80 Green


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