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Plans indicate a type of package provided by a partner to the organization as the basis for billing and payment. You can access the Plans page directly by clicking the Plans menu (on the left side).  

Here are all the components of the Plans page:  

  1. Plans menu
    1. It will navigate you to the Plans page
  2. Partner filter
  3. New Plan
    1. A button is used to create a new plan
  4. Search plan
    1. This feature allows you to search for a specific plan by plan name or plan ID. You don’t have to remember the full text. The system can show a result even if you input a partial text.
  5. Plan type filter
    1. It is based on plan type.
    2. There are four options:
      1. All
      2. Personal
      3. Backup
      4. Archiver
  6. Plan status filter
    1. It is based on plan status.
    2. There are three options:
      1. All
      2. Show
      3. Hidden
  7. Plan ID
    1. The system allows plans with the same name and type, but they will have different IDs
  8. Ellipses button
    1. If you click the ellipsis button, there are three sub-buttons, which are:
      1. Edit Plan: It will redirect you to the Edit Plan. The system only allows you to edit the plan name and selling price.
      2. View Organization: The system will show a popup containing the number of organizations using this plan.
      3. Hide/Show Plan
  9. Pagination
    1. The Prev and Next buttons help users move to another page. By default, a page contains a maximum of 20 plans.


Create New Plan

Plan data is synced between USW1 and USW2 regions. So, if you create a plan on USW1, it will also be created on USW2 and NPP.  

To create a new plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Plans page
  2. Click the + New Plan button
  3. Complete the required fields, then click the Save button
    1. Plan name
    2. Product Type
      1. Personal
      2. Backup
      3. Archiver
      4. Quickbooks
  4. Currency
  5. Periodicity
    1. Monthly or Yearly
  6. Assign Plan for
  7. The system shows two types of alerts
    1. The success alert shows completed processes
    2. Error alerts may be caused by an empty field, using the same email address or business name, etc. 


Edit Plan

You are only allowed to edit the plan name and selling price. The system disables plan ID, product type, and periodicity fields while editing (marked with grey) to ensure security.


Hide Plan

You can use this hide plan feature to avoid assigning a plan while creating both partner and organization. To hide the plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Plans page
  2. Select an active plan, Click the ellipsis button, then click the Hide Plan button.
  3. The system shows a confirmation popup, then click Yes, Continue button.


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