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The Support page summarizes all activities (backup, restore, migrate, and download) in each product type (email, Drives, Shared Drives, Calendar, Contact, Task, SharePoint, and Groups & Teams). You can access the Support page by clicking the Support menu on the left side.  


Support Page Contents:

  1. Partner filter
  2. Manage Notification button will navigate you to the User Management page
  3. Product type tile
    1. It’s divided into Email, Drives, Shared Drives, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Private Chat, SharePoint, and Groups & Teams
  4. Type of Activities tab
    1. Depending on the product type, you will see backup, restore, migrate, or download
  5. List of status
    1. This will show how many users you have under each status
    2. If you have a lot of users, it may take time for this to fully load

 Status Details Page


Clicking on any of the boxes on the support page will bring you to a page showing additional details for that backup type. Compared to the Support Overview page, this page provides more detailed info and a list of each product status. Here are the components of the support list page:

  1. Export CSV
    1. It downloads support data into CSV format with the same value displayed on the page
  2. Product type tab
    1. There are nine product types: Email, Drives, Shared Drives, Contact, Calendars, Task, Private Chat, SharePoint, and Groups & Teams
    2. The system only allows you to select one product type
  3. Action tab
    1. Similar to the product type tab, the system only allows you to filter one action from four available options: Backups, Restores, Downloads, and Migrate
  4. Support search
    1. You can search specific support by Email Address, Organization Name, or Status ID
  5. Action’s status filter
    1. It shows the status of each action. They might be different from each other
  6. Status: shows the current status of the user
  7. Ellipses button
    1. Shows two additional options
      1. View Status Details
        1. The system will show a popup containing detail status
      2. View Account Details
        1. The system will redirect you to the Account Details page


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