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Mike Langford
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When selecting the Support Tickets page, you will be redirected to our Help Center, specifically the page to create a support ticket. From here, you can access various help and troubleshooting articles. You can also use this to create a ticket with our support team for assistance.


Creating a Ticket

When creating a ticket, you will see the following fields

  1. CC (Optional): This will be where you will put any email addresses that you want to include in the thread
  2. Subject: A quick description of your issue
  3. Client/Organization Name: The name of the affected partner or organization account
  4. Description: This should be as detailed as possible and describe what issue you are seeing, steps to reproduce (if applicable), affected users, the steps already taken, etc. The more detail that can be provided here, the better. If anything is left out that our support team will need, it will be requested when the support team replies.
  5. Login Region: This should match which instance of Dropsuite you log into. In the case of the US, there are two options. If you don’t know, take your best guess.
  6. Attachments: If you need to attach any screenshots or other pertinent information.


After creating a ticket, you should be directed to a page that shows all the tickets you have created. 

You can see the current status from here and track all your open issues. You can also access our help center, which contains knowledge articles related to various aspects of Dropsuite.


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