15 - API Settings

Mike Langford
Mike Langford
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Partners can utilize the Dropsuite API to interact with their accounts and organizations. Information on this can be found on the API Settings page.


Currently, API features / provisions are available only for Direct Partners & Distributors of Dropsuite.


API Information

This section contains the API URL and the tokens that you will need to access your Dropsuite account via APIs



This is a brief overview of the APIs and contains links to the other sections.


Get Started

This section contains some basic information that will be helpful in working with our APIs for the first time.



This section contains information on authenticating via APIs. It also shows some examples of what successful and failed access attempts would look like.



This section contains documentation on what types of calls you can make with APIs


Browsable API

This is a full list of possible API calls. This page also allows you to try out the APIs to see what information you need to use with the API call and what the response would look like. This is a good first stop when you are looking to use APIs to retrieve information for your environment or make changes.


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