16 - SMTP Settings

Mike Langford
Mike Langford
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SMTP settings make it possible for the system to automatically send out all email notifications to the organizations by using your email address rather than our mail address. You can access the SMTP Settings page by clicking the SMTP Settings menu on the left in the Settings gear. There are three options: default, custom manual, and custom (Microsoft).


Default SMTP Setting


Default SMTP setting means every email notification will have the Dropsuite identity.


SMTP Setting – Custom Microsoft


You can choose custom Microsoft if you want the email notification with your identity. By clicking the Login with Microsoft 365, the system will redirect you to the Microsoft landing page. It makes the step easier because you don’t need to input anything.


SMTP Setting – Custom Manual


SMTP settings with a custom manual are similar to custom Microsoft. The difference is you need to input some sections. You will need an authorized email address with a username and password and the Host, Port, Authentication type, and SSO settings to use this option.


Once everything has been set up, you can send a test email to confirm everything is working as expected.


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