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Notification settings relate to the emails automatically sent to the organization to respond to a specific case. Here are the components of the Notification Settings page:


1. Guidebook: It shows brief info about notifications.

2. Notification Group: A set of notifications with a similar scheme. The table below lists a notification group with a detailed configuration for each.

3. Enable/disable checkbox

By enabling it, all of your organizations will get the notification. Otherwise, they won’t.

4. Preview button

The system shows the subject and full email body of selected notifications. The preview version is the same as the email notification sent by the system.


5. Lock frequency checkbox: By enabling it, all your organizations will have a default email-sending frequency and won’t be able to edit their configuration.  

6. Periodicity dropdown: It indicates how often your organization likes receiving notification emails. The periodicity varies between daily, weekly, or monthly.

7. Cumulative count checkbox: The system will calculate cumulative data by enabling it.

8. Save Changes button


Here is an outline of the notifications that you will be able to set:

  1. Backup Notification
      1. Backup/Archiving Completed
      2. Backup is out of space (for personal backups only)
      3. Backup is reaching its limit (for personal backups only)
      4. The system detects an error in the backup process
      5. AD Group mailbox deactivated
      6. Mailbox Deactivated
  2. Download Notification
      1. Download is ready
  3. Compliance Notification
      1. New results for saved search occur (for archiver backups only)
  4. User Management Notification
      1. Their organization first created
      2. Login to the Customer Portal is disabled
      3. Login to the Customer Portal is enabled
      4. Deactivated account reactivated
      5. The invited user successfully added his credential
      6. Organization’s ownership transferred
      7. Organization unsubscribed
      8. Subscription deleted
  5. Organization Management Notification
      1. Grace period is ending
  6. Add Backup Notification
      1. Email is successfully added to backup
      2. User sent invitations
      3. No seats available for Autodiscover
      4. Autodiscover add emails to the backup
      5. Converted shared Mailbox is out of seat
  7. Credentials Notification
      1. The system finds a Device Authorization error
  8. Accounting Backup Notification (Quickbooks backups)
      1. Their organization is first created
      2. Organization account deactivated/inactive
      3. Deactivated account reactivated
      4. Company successfully added to backup
      5. The system finds an authentication error
  9. NFR Notification
      1. NFR organization is created
      2. NFR organization is expiring in less than 30 days
      3. NFR active period is extended
      4. NFR organization is expired
      5. NFR is converted to a paid plan




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