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Michael Tawil
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Dropsuite is a market-leading cloud backup platform that helps businesses securely backup, manage, recover, and protect their business information. The easy-to-use interface and automated and incremental backups simplify the backup, recovery, and compliance experience. It works with Microsoft 365 (Hosted Exchange, Groups and Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive), Gmail (including Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks), and other IMAP email servers. Dropsuite uses 256-bit (AES) encryption at rest and in transit, supporting Multifactor authentication (MFA).


Dropsuite Backup Only

This is the most preferred solution for small and medium business users. Pricing is based on number of mailboxes and includes unlimited storage and retention. Features include user access control management, file/attachment manager, advanced search, and advanced reporting via insights. Insights and relationships give a summary report of all emails in and out of an organization. Restore, download, or migrate the entire mailbox or just one email with the click of a button. Use 20+ criteria in our advanced search to find the right email you need and restore it within a minute.


Email Backup also includes Microsoft 365 backup, a simple and powerful solution that automatically protects your most important Microsoft 365 data in the cloud and restores any file on demand. Dropsuite backs up SharePoint, OneDrive, Contacts/Calendars/Tasks, Groups & Teams, Shared Mailboxes and Public Folders.


Dropsuite Backup Plus Archiving

Backup Plus Archiving is the perfect agent-less archiving solution for SMBs who must comply with regulatory requirements. Emails are archived using Envelope Journaling, which ensures all emails are archived without fail. Features include advanced eDiscovery (with the option to filter using 17 attributes), legal hold, customizable retention periods, audit trail, audit review capabilities, tags, and role-based access in addition to granular user access control, file/attachment manager, and advanced reporting via insights.

Business organizations need to be able to retrieve any relevant email message in the event of legal discovery, audits, and business or personnel investigations. Our archiving solution assures that evidentiary-quality records are systematically stored in a central repository with security in place to guard against any form of tampering.

Dropsuite’s archiving solutions are built on top of our Email Backup, providing a robust set of business continuity and compliance tools, all in an easy-to-use, one-pane-of-glass integrated interface.

Product Comparison

Feature Backup + Archiving Backup Only
Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage
Seats Limited Limited
Pricing based on Per Seat Seat
Basic Search Yes Yes
Delete backup mailbox No Yes
Contacts, calendar, tasks  Yes Yes
Private Chat Backup Yes No
SharePoint and OneDrive Backup for M365 only Yes Yes
Google Workspace / M365 mail Yes Yes
Google Drive and shared drive Yes Yes
IMAP based emails No Yes
HEX Email Yes Yes
Advanced Search Yes Yes
Business Insights Yes Yes
Multiple User roles and access Yes Yes
Journaling Yes No
Compliance Yes No
eDiscovery Yes No
Alerts Yes No
Retention Policy Customizable Unlimited
Legal Hold Yes No
Audit Log Yes No
Review Process Yes No
TAGs Yes No
Download emails Yes Yes
Restore Emails Yes Yes
Migrate Emails Yes Yes
Transfer Ownership Yes Yes
Retain Folder structure Yes Yes
Deactivate backup and Archive mailbox Yes Yes



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