6 - Contact, Calendar, and Task Restore and Download

Michael Tawil
Michael Tawil
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  1. Log in to the end-user portal for your account and go to your Dashboard
  2. Go to the tab for Contacts, Calendars, or Tasks
  3. Hover over the user in question and select either "Restore" or "Download"
  4. If you want to restore/download all the data, click on the "Restore" or "Download" button
  5. If you only want specific items to be restored/downloaded, click on the name of the mailbox in question and select the specific date you want. Then click on "Restore" or "Download"
  6. Click on “Yes” to start the restore/download
  7. You can check on the status of the restore or download from the “System Status” > “Restore” or “System Status” > “Download” page

Note: Restoring items to a different mailbox is currently not supported. You can download the data from our backup and then upload it to the other user’s accounts.

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