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Why did a QBO IUR show up in my partner portal?

The system automatically grants the IUR when a direct partner or partner under a distributor has a minimum of 1 paid seat with Dropsuite. This is currently for US instances only.


What is and is not supported in QBO Backup?

We do not currently support QBO Self-Employed plans. Essentials, Plus, and Advanced ARE covered.


My partner account did not get a QBO IUR, why?

There are still cases where manual intervention is required. If the partner is using PSA Integration, it will be remedied when the new PSA Portal and separate the Integration API from the Partner Portal. If the partner is transacting in any region other than USW-2, the automation will only read in the USW-2 region.


Can an entire QBO Organization be restored?

No, Dropsuite can only restore per item.

Please note that some objects can’t be restored due to limitations, such as budget, company info, company currency, customer type, entitlement, exchange rate, tag agency, preference, tax classification, tax code, and tax rate.


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