What are the Roles and Scopes Needed for Service Principal Authentication?

Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson
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Permission Type


Application.Read.WriteAll Delegated

Create and delete sub-applications used for backup and restore

AppRoleAssignment.ReadWrite.All Delegated

Grant administrative consent for sub-applications

Calendars.ReadWrite Application

Calendar backup and restore

ChannelMessage.Read.All Application

Teams chat backup and restore

Chat.Read.All Application

Teams chat backup and restore

Contacts.ReadWrite Application

Contact backup and restore

Domain.Read.All Delegated

List the available domains in the tenant

Files.ReadWrite.All Application

File backup and restore

Group.ReadWrite.All Application

Group and Teams backup and restore

Mail.ReadBasic.All Application

Email backup and restore

Notes.ReadWrite.All Application

Notes backup and restore

offline_access Delegated

Renew refresh token for ORG admin

Reports.Read.All Application


RoleManagement.Read.Directory Application

Retrieve the list of users and administrators in the organization

Sites.Manage.All Application

Sites backup and restore

Sites.ReadWrite.All Application

Sites backup and restore

Teamwork.Migrate.All Application

Teams Chat restore

User.Read.All Application

Lists users

User.ReadWrite.All Delegated


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