Email Point-in-Time Restore (PITR)

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Point-in-time restore (PITR) is the process of recovering backed-up data to a specific timestamp in the past. While our End-User portal currently allows for data restoration within a specified date range, the upcoming Point-in-Time Restore implementation will introduce a second restoration option for M365 mailboxes. This offers users flexibility in choosing based on their specific needs, with the existing process termed "All-time restore." This feature proves invaluable in unforeseen scenarios like accidental email deletion, data corruption, or security breaches.

How to Start Point-in-Time Restore:

As a partner, you can guide your clients through the process or perform the task yourself by impersonating the client. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to the end-user portal.
  2. Select the data source:
    1. Dashboard page
    2. View List Email page
    3. Preview Email page
      Point-in-Time Restore is currently not available for the advanced search page.
  3. Click the Restore button.
    Note: Steps 4 to 6 only apply when you restore email from the dashboard page.
  4. Select Point-in-time on the Backup Timeline dropdown.
  5. Select the specific date and time.
  6. Select the scope of the restore. There are 2 options: restore entire emails or certain emails based on the email receipt date.
  7. Select the destination folder.
  8. Click the Start Restore button.
  9. Confirm the restore by clicking the “Yes, Continue” button on the popup.
  10. Monitor the progress on the system status page.

By following these steps, users can efficiently perform a Point-in-Time Restore, ensuring data recovery to a specific timestamp in the past.

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