March 2024 Release Notes

William Shannon
William Shannon
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What’s New in March 2024?

We're excited to introduce new features to optimize your operations and enhance data protection for your clients.


PSA Integration Marketplace

Discover and activate PSA integrations seamlessly through our dedicated integrations page on the Partner Portal. This feature empowers partners to effortlessly explore available integrations, establish connections with their PSAs, manage organization and plan mappings within the PSA, and conveniently identify unmapped organizations or plans.

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Shared Drive Permission Restore

Introducing Shared Drive permission backup and restore functionality to safeguard against accidental changes to access controls. Our new Shared Drive Permission feature enables you to restore permissions for shared drives and folders, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized parties accessing and modifying information.

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New Email Notification for Long Running Backup Jobs

Partners will now receive email notifications for backup processes exceeding 24 hours to stay informed and address any potential issues promptly.

How does the email notification look?

The email subject: "Long running backup report on <date>".

Is this email notification sent automatically?

No, partners must contact our team to activate the configuration manually. At release, this notification configuration will be disabled by default.

How many times was this email notification sent?

Once a day.

Which accounts are included in this email notification?

All account types: email, contact, calendar, task, SharePoint, Shared Drive, G Drive, One Drive, Private Chat, and Groups & Teams where backup exceeds 24 hours.

What should my next action be after receiving this email notification?

Check to confirm if the backup is progressing.  If so, then wait for it to complete.  If it stops making progress, then inform our support team ( so we can investigate.


API Improvements

We have added a new 'per_page' parameter to handle large data sets more efficiently.

Which API endpoints are affected by these improvements?

List of affected endpoints:

GET /api/calendars

GET /api/contacts

GET /api/tasks

GET /api/onedrives

GET /api/sharepoints/domains/{id}/sites

GET /api/sharepoints/domains

GET /api/shareddrives/domains/{id}/drives/{drive_id}/backups

GET /api/shareddrives/domains/{id}/drives

GET /api/shareddrives/domains

GET /api/googledrives

GET /api/teams_and_groups/domains/{id}/teams

GET /api/teams_and_groups/domains


What does ‘per_page’ mean?

It refers to the number of records returned per page of paginated results.

Is ‘per_page’ required parameter?

No, it's optional. If left blank, the system will default to returning 100.

What is the maximum number that can be input to 'per_page'?



Updated Terminology M365 on Backup Email Notification

We have updated the terminology of the email notification when authorizing M365 backup from ‘Device Authorization Error’ to ‘Authorization Error’. The M365 backup flow is in response to Microsoft's announcement regarding the deprecation of MFA ID, effective March 31, 2024.

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  • SMTP Settings: Resolved issue where the system consistently returned SSL security despite user changes.
  • Private Chat Backup: Fixed sorting issue with the 'Last Chat Date' feature.
  • One Drive/Google Drive Backup: Corrected issue with sorting feature (from ascending to descending) not functioning properly for users.

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