2 - Adding an M365 Tenant to Backups

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William Shannon
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This article will discuss the process for adding a new M365 tenant to your organization and then adding users from that organization to be backed up.

Adding the M365 tenant to your organization

  1. Sign into the End User Portal for the organization in question, either by logging in directly or by using the "Login as Client" option from the Partner Portal
  2. Once at the Dashboard within the End User Portal you can click the “Add Backup” button.  If you already have backups running, you will see the option to "Add From Existing" with the already added tenants listed.  You will also see the option to add new tenants.
  3. For this instance, we will use the “Sign in with Microsoft 365” option.  If you are looking to set up GWS backups, please see this article. Once you click this button you will be presented with the choice to Authorize with Global Admin or Service Principal
  4. For this guide we will use the Global Admin option but if you would like to use the Service Principal Authorization we have a comprehensive guide here
  5. After clicking the Authorize with Global Admin it will take you to sign into your Microsoft 365 tenant.
    *Please note you will need to sign in with an admin account for the tenant to grant DropSuite the needed permissions to create the backup admin account.
  6. If you have not already set up MFA on the tenant, it will prompt you to set up an MFA method of your choice
  7. The next screen will prompt you to accept the permissions for the global admin account to be created. You can scroll down and click “Accept”.  At this point, the backup admin account will be created within the tenant
  8. Once the account is created, you will be provided with the email address and password for the account.  Take note of these for the next step
  9. Click on "Sign in with Microsoft 365" under step 2.  When prompted, sign in with the backup admin account that was just created.  You will likely be prompted to set up 2FA for this account as well.
  10. Accept the permissions requested on the next screen
  11. Under step 3, sign in one more time with the newly created backup admin account and accept the permissions one final time.  This will complete the setup of the tenant and will take you to the page to add users from that tenant to your backups.


Adding users to Backup

  1. The Add Users page will be brought up automatically after setting up the tenant with the above steps.  It can also be accessed using the "Add From Existing" option when clicking on "+ Add Backup" from the dashboard
  2. When first accessing the page, it will auto-populate with all the mailboxes that we detect existing within the tenant
  3. Use the Select All option or select the individual users that you want to add and an "Add to Backup" option will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Note that you will also see an "Exclude" option for cases when you want to specifically exclude the selected users from backups
  4. From this page, you can also enable Autodiscover and/or AD Sync.
    Autodiscover will automatically detect and add new users, provided you have sufficient seats available in the organization.  When used in conjunction with Autolicensing (set from the Organization Settings within the Partner Portal), you can automatically adjust licenses in order to add any new users without any manual action.
    Ad sync will update things like name changes as they are detected within Active Directory

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