June Release Notes

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William Shannon
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What’s New In June?

HaloPSA Integration

We're excited to announce the integration of HaloPSA into our partner portal. You can now select HaloPSA as a new integration option with a streamlined setup process similar to our other integrations. No mapping plan is required; simply ensure successful integration and map the ticket and Organization for seamless operation.

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Audit Log Now Available for All Backup Users

Introducing an audit log feature for Backup users across all regions. Users can track all actions within the backup system to ensure transparency and security in backup configurations and operations.

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Long-running backup email notification improvements

Dropsuite partners now have the ability to configure email notifications for long-running backups, providing greater control over monitoring and management.

What is a long-running backup?

A long-running backup refers to a condition where the backup process extends beyond the typical timeframe, typically more than 24 hours.

Is this a new email notification?

No, this feature was initially implemented in March 2024. In this release, we have enhanced it by adding a configurable option for partners to easily enable or disable these notifications.

Where can partners configure this?

This configuration is available on the User Management page under General Notifications.

Why do some of the partner users not have a configuration?

This limitation is related to role accessibility. Only users with owner and super admin roles have the capability to configure these notifications.


Bug fixes

  • 504 Timeout Error Due to Excess Sub-Apps: A timeout error occurred because there were more than 21,000 sub-apps under the tenant. We resolved this by removing invalid sub-apps to prevent the error from recurring.

  • Google Workspace Backup Connection Error: A "rateLimitExceeded" error in Google Workspace backup was causing failures. We addressed this by halting the backup, rescheduling it based on the API's timestamp, and exploring the use of the quotaUser option to manage separate tenant quotas. We also improved the backup mechanism with snapshot checkpoints to retry from the last failed backup.

  • Task Backup Status Connection Error: The connection error was due to a missing parent task, possibly deleted by the user. We fixed this by skipping the invalid task, allowing the backup process to return to normal.

  • Failed Restoration of Deleted Teams: Restoration failures were caused by incorrect permission statuses of main apps. We adjusted the code to ensure proper execution of restore operations.

  • Incorrect Seat Number Update: An issue with the POST/api/users/{id}/update_subscription integration caused incorrect seat number updates. We corrected this to ensure accurate integration with ConnectWise.

  • Unable to Create New Organization: The failure was due to partner aggregation issues in the Oregon and USW regions. We fixed the code to restore normal functionality.

  • Daily Email Notifications After AD Group Member Termination: A broken notification configuration for deactivated AD group members caused excessive emails. We fixed this issue, and notifications now work as expected.

  • Audit Log Incorrect User Records: The Audit Log was recording the owner user even when logged in as another user. We fixed this so the correct user is now displayed.

  • Throttling During Public Folder Backups: We resolved the throttling issue, restoring normal backup operations.

  • Discrepancy in Backup Count: The system showed a backup count exceeding the total count. We fixed this issue to prevent confusion.

  • UI Inconsistency for CCT Service Status: The UI displayed 'Connection Error' instead of 'Deactivated' when the CCT service was off. We fixed this inconsistency to show the correct status.

  • Backup Retry Not Resuming from Last Progress: The system was not resuming from the last progress when retrying a failed backup. We fixed this by ensuring retries continue from the latest backup progress.

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