How do I get support for Dropsuite products?

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At Dropsuite, we prioritize our customers' satisfaction and strive to ensure the success of your backups. We recognize the diversity of organizational requirements and have developed a comprehensive support program to address them, minimizing any potential disruptions. We offer various options for assistance, including a comprehensive Help Center featuring a wealth of articles to guide you, as well as a dedicated international team of Customer Support Engineers and Technicians available to address queries and resolve any issues you may encounter.


Help Center

Our Help Center has a large collection of articles that cover a wide range of topics. We’ve categorized them to make it simpler to find the answers to your specific questions.

  • Partner Portal
  • End User Portal
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Hosted Exchange
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Getting Started
  • Release Notes


Customer Support

If you're unable to find the answer you need in our Help Center, , our Customer Support team is here to assist you via email. They are available to help with errors that occur while setting up Dropsuite or with the backups themselves. This support service is provided at no cost and is available in English. We've determined that email communication is the most efficient method for providing optimal support to as many clients as possible, allowing our technicians and engineers the necessary time to thoroughly investigate issues and deliver appropriate solutions.

Support is offered on a case-by-case basis when clients identify reproducible problems or issues requiring assistance. Please refer to the lists below for guidelines and examples of the types of support provided and not provided through Customer Support.

When you initiate a support request with our Customer Support team, the following process will be followed:

  1. Your support ticket will be created and appropriately triaged. You'll receive an initial response acknowledging your issue, outlining the next steps to address it, and possibly answering any initial questions you may have.
  2. You can directly reply to this initial email to continue the conversation with Customer Support if further assistance is needed.
  3. Once your issue is resolved, your support ticket will be closed. If you encounter a separate issue, a new ticket will be generated to assist you further.


Support We Provide

 This list outlines the types of inquiries our Support team can assist with:

  • Issues where the software's performance deviates from the current documentation.
  • Assistance needed for configuring Dropsuite to back up data.
  • Inaccessibility to Dropsuite software.
  • Errors encountered during setup or with backups on the Dropsuite platform.
  • Queries regarding specific features.


Support We Don’t Provide

 These are queries our Customer Support team cannot directly assist with but may guide clients to relevant resources:

  • Problems requiring extensive training for resolution, including onboarding and demos Onboarding/demo requests will be directed to our Sales team (
  • Problems or issues created by external systems.  We will assist to the best of our ability but we cannot provide direct assistance with the setup or configuration of your environments.
  •  Requests for software customization, feature enhancements, or automation/scripting.
  • Pricing-related concerns. These concerns will be directed to our Sales team (
  • Billing inquiries.  Thesewill be directed to our Finance team (

Support requests outside of the scope  will be addressed  based on a time and resource availability.


Opening a Ticket

You can create tickets for both our Customer Support team by using the "Submit a Request" option within our Help Center (sign-in required) or by emailing ( for GovCloud tickets). Once a ticket request is received and triaged, further communication will occur via the provided email address.

 Details required for the request form include:

  • Email Address of Dropsuite Account:
  • Subject
  • Distributor Name (if applicable)
  • Client/Organization Name
  • Description – Please be as detailed here as possible.
  • Login Region
  • Attachments


Safe Sender List

To ensure receipt of emails from our Support Team, please add the (and if applicable) domain to your email provider’s Safe Sender list. Otherwise, emails may end up in your Junk Mail or Trash folders.

Support Model

Our Support Team operates in a two-tiered model:

  • Tickets are initially handled by our Technical Support Technicians.
  • Complex issues are escalated to our Technical Support Engineers, with efforts made to match the support region with the nearest time zone. Our Software Support Engineers work on a Monday-Friday schedule in all three primary regions (US, EMEA, and APAC).
  • Further escalations engage our Escalation Engineers who liaise with development teams for resolution. These tickets may require guidance on changes to both the project and customer environments and will require at least 24 hours to be reviewed by development.  The ticket and communications will still be owned by our Support Engineers to communicate with you.


Resolving a ticket

Tickets will be closed when one of the following occurs:

  • End-user confirms issue resolution.
  • Issue is outside Dropsuite's control and client has been informed.
  • Resolution steps, viable workarounds, feature requests, or limitations of third-party products are provided.
  • End-user education/documentation provided.
  • Pending tickets are closed after 48 business hours of inactivity.


Pending Tickets

If a ticket awaits further client feedback or confirmation, it's marked as Pending and closed after 48 hours of inactivity. Reminders are sent after 24 hours, with automatic closure occurring thereafter if no response is received.

If your ticket has been escalated to our Support Engineer team, they will reach out to you after 24 hours and will close the ticket manually after 48 hours.

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