Troubleshooting Authentication Issues

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When facing authentication issues within Dropsuite, there can be a number of causes.  This guide is designed to help you troubleshoot issues and resolve some of the more common causes.

The first thing to determine, before we can properly investigate an issue is to determine what kind of problem you are having.  The main question to ask yourself here is whether you are having issues connecting to your environment or if the issue is connecting to a specific user (or subset of users).  The best way to check this is to take a look at all your backups and see if some of them are successful or if they are all failing.


Issues With Specific Users

If you are seeing an authentication or connection error with a single user, or a small subset of users, then the issue typically has something to do with that specific user.  In cases like this, please sign into your environment as an Admin and check the following:

  • Confirm that the user exists and that the address for the user matches what you see within Dropsuite.
  • Confirm that the user is active and not disabled or blocked within the environment.
  • Check the licensing for the user in order to ensure they have a license which allows them a mailbox.  If backing up OneDrive for a user, ensure that the applied license includes that as well.
  • Make sure that the user's mailbox (and OneDrive if applicable) is enabled and able to be accessed by the user.

If you do not find any issues with the user themselves, please check the environment connections outlined in the next section.  While not common, it is possible that issues with our connection to the environment are resulting in issues with just a few mailboxes.


Issues With Environment Connection

If you are seeing errors with all of your users, of if the error occurs during the setup of your organization, then the issue is not likely to be related to an individual user.  It could be that some permissions have been revoked (or not added properly) or that there is some security setting within your tenant that is blocking us.  Please take the following steps to troubleshoot these types of issues:

  • Check within the Dropsuite End-User Portal to see if there is an option available to re-authenticate.  Note that you can access the end user portal by either logging into your organization directly or by using the “Login as Client” option from the Partner Portal.
    • To check this, log into the end-user portal for your organization and navigate to the “Account Settings” page.  This can be found in the account drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page.
    • The credentials tab within Account Settings will show you the status of our connection to your environment.  If there are errors here, you should see an option to re-authenticate.
  • Check within Entra ID to see if you have any conditional access policies in place which might be interfering with Dropsuite’s ability to connect to your environment.  Likewise, check to see if you have any sort of connection filtering in place with which you will need to whitelist Dropsuite IP addresses.
  • If using the Global Admin connection method, ensure that the backup admin account which was created still exists and has not been deactivated.


If you aren’t able to identify and resolve the issue with the above steps, please create a ticket with our support team.  You can do this via the “Submit a request” button at in the upper right of this page (if signed in) or by sending an email to  Our support team will assist with determining what is causing your issue and will help identify the steps needed to resolve it.  When reaching out to us, providing screenshots showing what you have checked will go a long way towards speeding up the investigation process.

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