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Dropsuite’s enhanced AutoDiscover functionality for Shared Drive backup provides enterprise users with enhanced control and flexibility. By enabling AutoDiscover, our system automatically identifies and incorporates any new Shared Drives created in the source and adds them into the backup process. Users also have the option to disable AutoDiscover functionality, granting precise control over which Shared Drives are included in the backup.

This article explores the significance of Shared Drive AutoDiscover backup, highlighting the differences between the existing and improved versions. Additionally, it offers users comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for both enabling and disabling the Shared Drive AutoDiscover feature.



Key Capabilities 

  • Enable backup solutions tailored to organizations' needs with options to automatically discover or manually select Shared Drives for backup


Getting Started 

Adding a new Google Workspace backup 

Initiating a new Google Workspace backup is the first step in integrating the email server with our DME server. Users will now encounter an additional step AutoDiscover Setting,” when starting to add Google Workspace backup.


The AutoDiscover Setting is disabled by default but can be accessed upon successful sign-in with the Google Workspace admin email. 

Existing Google Workspace backup 

Users who have already backed up their Google Workspace email will find an additional “Shared Drive” tab with enabled configuration on the Google Workspace list. 


Enabling Shared Drive AutoDiscover 

To activate Shared Drive AutoDiscover, the system will automatically identify new shared drives and include them in the backup process. If you prefer, you can choose to disable this feature. Follow these steps to enable Shared Drive AutoDiscover: 

1. Turn on the Auto Discover toggle. You can find it in two different locations: 

    • Google Workspace Authentication 


    • Navigate to the Add Backup page, select the Shared Drive tab, then click AutoDiscover toggle. 


2. Click the Yes, Continue button on the pop-up confirmation. 



Disabling Shared Drive AutoDiscover 

Disabling an active AutoDiscover entails adding only a specific Shared Drive to the backup. Follow these steps: 

  1. Click the '?' button next to the AutoDiscover Settings. 

  2. Access the FAQs and navigate to the 'How to Add Specific Shared Drive Only?' Section.
  3. Download the provided CSV template and fill it with the desired shared drive names.

  4. Contact our Support team, attach the filled CSV document, and they'll guide you further. 

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