February 2024 Release Notes

William Shannon
William Shannon
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We’re introducing new key features to enhance your experience and make your backups and reporting even more seamless.

Email Point-in-Time Restore

Save time retrieving data and fortify data protection by restoring email messages to the mailbox as they appeared at the selected point-in-time. This feature is invaluable in scenarios such as data loss, security incidents, compliance regulation, litigation, and more. Users can easily navigate between point-in-time and all-timeline restore options directly within the portal.

Update: This has been removed due to issues which were discovered.  Will update again when further information is available.

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Dashboard & Reports Enhancement

The two new widgets on our dashboard allow partners to get a quick view of unbacked account numbers and percentages, along with paid user percentages. You can also enhance your customer's data protection by getting a full report with detailed calculations for protection coverage and seat usage.

Now available in Japan and Singapore.

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Retention Policy Improvement for Archiver Plan

In this update, we have redesigned the retention period format from a dropdown to a free-input numeric field. This improvement grants Archiver Plan users increased flexibility in customizing their retention policy.

Available in all regions.


Retention Policy Now Available for Backup Plan

All Backup Plan users now have the flexibility to tailor their data retention policies according to specific company requirements and compliance standards. This update allows users to better manage the lifecycle of backed-up data by selecting from options of retention periods and scope levels.

Available in all regions.


Audit Log Now Available for Backup Plan

All Backup plan users now have access to audit logs.

Now available in Japan.

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Explore these incredible features for a more empowered Dropsuite experience!

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