April 2024 Release Notes

William Shannon
William Shannon
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Dashboard Improvements:

Protection Coverage & Seat Usage Reports

Back in February, we rolled out new reports for select regions, and now all partners have access to our latest reports along with two widgets displaying unbacked account numbers and percentages, as well as paid user percentages. These reports not only offer a quick overview but also empower partners to delve deeper into their customers' data protection. Partners can now obtain comprehensive reports with detailed calculations for protection coverage and seat usage, enabling you to better understand and manage the customers' data security.

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Unified Dashboard

We have been continuously enhancing our dashboard for a smoother user experience. Now the dashboard and reporting dashboard have been merged into a single dashboard page, simplifying navigation and enhancing usability. The widgets for our new protection coverage and seat usage reports are also available on this unified dashboard.

This consolidation not only makes it easier for partners to access information but also extends the reach and impact of our platform, fostering greater engagement and interaction.

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Download Improvements

Download Checksum

We've introduced checksum verification to our download process to bolster security and uphold the integrity of downloaded items.

A checksum is a unique cryptographic hash value derived from the file itself. Verifying the checksum ensures that the downloaded file is authentic, unaltered, and free from corruption. Ensuring the integrity of downloaded items is vital for security and trust. The download checksum feature adds an extra layer of assurance, enabling users to detect any unauthorized changes or tampering with their downloads.

Is download checksum configurable?

No, the Download Checksum feature is automatically enabled for all users by default. No additional configuration or action is needed to benefit from this feature.

Which product types does download checksum apply to?

Download checksum is applied to all product types, including email, contact, calendar, task, drives, share drive, SharePoint, private chat, groups & teams.

How does download checksum work?

The download checksum feature automatically generates checksums for every successful download. Users can find their checksum code on the system status page without any additional steps.

Does download checksum have an expiry date?

No, the generated checksum remains accessible indefinitely for verification purposes, providing added convenience and peace of mind to users.

How many checksums does the system generate for a large number of downloads?

To handle a large volume of downloads, the system generates a checksum for each download part using a gradual download mechanism.

Are there limitations to download checksum?

Download checksum is not available for attached files. Users cannot alter the hash encryption logic, nor do they have control over enabling or disabling the download checksum feature.


OneDrive & Google Drive Notifications

We have added new text to inform users about gradual download in the download modal and confirmation popup when downloading from OneDrive and G Drive.

Additional text on the box when user downloads G Drive 


Additional text on the confirmation download box 


Additional text on the box when user downloads OneDrive


Additional text on confirmation download box


NFR Improvements

NFR Period Extension

Our system now automatically extends the NFR (Not For Resale) period for organizations partnered with transacting partners, providing them with greater backup flexibility and encouraging future transition to paid subscriptions.

Every Organization under a transacting partner will have their NFR period extended by up to 180 days if their current period is 60 days or less. As a partner, you will find a new label showing the new expiry NFR period.

What does transacting partner mean?

A transacting partner is one with at least 1 paid seat across all products (backup, archiver, or QBO), with a current default NFR period exceeding 90 days.

How many times does the system check?

The system performs this extension process once daily.


Super Admin Access

Partners with the super admin role gain access to NFR organizations once configuration is enabled through our SalesOps platform. Super admins can now view organizations, create new ones, and manage subscriptions, including suspension, unsubscribing, and deletion. They can also log in as clients for troubleshooting purposes.

This enhancement is not applied by default. If you do not see it available, please reach out to the support team (support@dropsuite.com) to enable it for your partner account.


Backup Engine Improvement

AutoDiscover for Shared Drives

We have implemented auto-discover functionality to our Shared Drive product, offering increased flexibility and precise control over the AutoDiscover backup feature.

When AutoDiscover is activated, the system detects new shared drives and includes them in the backup process. Users also have the option to disable AutoDiscover, preventing automatic addition of new shared drives. Automatic backup occurs only when AutoDiscover is enabled.

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Bug Fixes

  • Login: Users registered under multiple accounts were experiencing issues resetting their passwords. Although they successfully reset their password in one account, they encountered an expired link error when attempting to reset it in another account.

    We resolved this issue to ensure that users registered under multiple accounts can successfully reset their password for any account.
  • End-user role: The Data Protection Officer (DPO), Compliance & Review Officer (CRO), Reviewer, and Limited Reviewer roles were missing in organizations that activated the WORM feature.

    We addressed this issue to ensure that the correct user roles are displayed in the end-user portal following the configuration enabled on the partner
Configuration in partner portal Results in end-user portal
(Internal user)
Results in end-user portal
(External user)
Compliance = ON
Compliance = OFF
Compliance = ON


Compliance = OFF

  • Shared Drive backup: Partners encountered Shared Drive backup processes running for extended durations, such as 289 hours, and getting stuck at 48%.

    We resolved this issue by adjusting the system logic when facing throttling errors to prevent interruptions to the backup process.

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